Terms and Conditions



  1. This lease/contract comprises the entire lease/contract between CHERRY CONVENTION SERVICES (herein referred to as CCS) and the LESSEE/CUSTOMER. It is acknowledged that there are no understandings, representations, warranties, promises (verbal or otherwise) pertaining to this lease/contract of the equipment, which are not incorporated herein expressly by reference or rider attached hereto.
  2. CCS shall have the right without notice to terminate this contract in the event of breach of any of its terms, conditions or promises.
  3. We suggest that you arrange all-risk insurance coverage on your exhibits and material, as CCS limits its liability to 30 cents per pound per article with a maximum of $50.00 per item and $1000 per each claim situation.
  4. TERMS: Unless otherwise specified, all prices are net upon presentation.
  5. LESSEE/CUSTOMER agrees to pay 1.5% minimum interest per month on outstanding balance and all collection and attorney fees applicable in the event LESSEE/CUSTOMER does not meet CCS payment terms.
  6. The person signing this order or and order form at an event for the customer, guarantees payment of the account personally.
  7. All charges are earned upon performance by CCS, regardless of subsequent events.
  8. Leased equipment shall at all times remain and be the sole and exclusive property of CCS and the LESSEE shall have only the right to use it under the conditions here contained. The leased equipment shall not be transferred, leased, used or subject to any person other than the LESSEE. This lease shall not be assigned by LESSEE by his own act or by the operation of law. The equipment will not be removed from said premises and will not be used at any other place, for any other purpose except that stipulated.
  9. The LESSEE shall at all times and at his own expense keep the leased equipment in good, safe, and efficient working order, repair and condition and shall not permit anyone to injure, deface, or remove it or any part thereof.
  10. At CCS’s sole option, and without any obligation on its part, CCS shall at all times have the right of free access to the leased equipment for the purpose of inspecting it and watching its use or operation or determining the nature and extent of its use.
  11. All rental equipment will be subject to a clean-up and damage charge, and LESSEE will be charged for any equipment not available for pick-up and return to CCS at the close of the event.